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Welcome to the NEW online Coconino County Health and Human (CCHHS) Services Animal Services portal - a convenient way to license your dog!

Licensing your dog is important because:

         It helps prevent rabies. Dogs must have a current rabies vaccination to apply for, or renew, a dog license in Coconino County. Rabies is a potentially fatal disease for humans and animals.

         Your dog will be safer. When you license your dog, you are registered as the dogs owner and your information is entered into our database. If your dog is ever lost, you can be quickly reunited with your pet.

         It helps other animals. The fees collected from licensing directly support the services provided by CCHHS Animal Services.

         Its the law. In Coconino County, all dogs over three months of age are required by law to be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. (CCHHS Keeping of Animals Ordinance 2021-10, Section 11-2 REG. 11-2-9.)

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The Coconino County Health and Human Services (CCHHS) Animal Services staff offers a wide variety of services to safeguard the health and safety of our county residents:


         Investigate public complaints such as dogs at large, dangerous/vicious dogs at large, bite cases, suspected cruelty, barking dogs, and suspected rabid animals. Enforce state and local statutes/ordinances associated with enforceable public complaints. Call (928) 679-8756 to file a complaint.

         Routine patrols are performed on a regular basis throughout the County. If you would like to request additional patrols within your area please call (928) 679-8756.

         Issue dog licenses CCHHS Animal Services issues dog licenses for all Coconino Couny residents including the City of Flagstaff, as required by state law. You can purchase a new license, renew an existing license, or update information on your account through the My Account/Dog Licensing tab above. If you have any questions please call (928) 679-8756.

         Kennel, Shleter, and Pet Stores CCHHS Animal Services provides plan review and approvals for new businesses. If you are interested in opening a new kennel, shelter, or pet store you must first go through the appropriate planning and zoning agency to make sure the are is zoned for such a business. CCHHS Animal Services also provides permits, renewal of permits, and annual inspections of kennels, shelters, and pet stores to ensure compliance with the Keeping of Animals County Ordinance. If you have questions, please call (928) 679-8756.





If you have questions about animal services and live within a city or town, such as Flagstaff, please contact your city animal services department:


         City of Flagstaff (928) 774-1414

         City of Page (928) 645-2461

         City of Williams (928) 635-4461

         City of Sedona (928) 282-3100


Services within Coconino County but outside a city or town

Coconino County Health and Human Services Animal Services serves those living outside a city or town but within the County. Leave a message after hours and on the weekend.


         CCHHS Animal Management (928) 679-8756


Additional Animal Management Resources

         Navajo Nation Animal Control (928) 729-4023

         Arizona Game and Fish Region II Flagstaff Office - wildlife questions/concerns (928) 774-5045.

         Coconino County Sheriffs Department non-emergency (928) 774-4523

         Emergencies call 911





Coconino County Health and Human Services Animal Services applies annually for grant money through Arizona Companion Animal Spay and Neuter Committee to use towards the spay and neutering for pets for Coconino County residents. Please call our office at (928) 679-8756 to inquire if funding is available.


High Country Humane offers a low cost vaccine clinic the first Saturday of every month from 8 a.m. 10 a.m. Numbers are limited so please call High Country Humane at (928) 526-0742 or visit their website.

Additional Spay/Neuter Resources

         Coconino Humane Association

         The Parker Project





With your help, more animals in Arizona can be spayed or neutered. More spay/neuter means fewer animals ending up homeless and unwanted. Order a Pet-Friendly License Plate.





The Keeping of Animals Ordinance was adopted on May 25, 2021 by the Coconino County Board of Supervisors. The Ordinance outlines regulations, enforcement and requirements of kennels, shelters and pet shops in Coconino County.


         Animal Services Ordinances

  2021 Final Keeping of Animals Ordinance

  2011-01: Barking Dog Ordinance

  2007-03: Dog At Large Ordinance (English, Spanish)

  2007-04 Cruelty Ordinance (English, Spanish)





         Coconino County Pet Resources

         Rabies Information

         Cold Weather Pet and Lovestock Safety Tips

         Public Records Request Information Form


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Phone: (928) 679-8756

Toll Free: (877) 679-7272

Fax: (928) 679-8771



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In Coconino County, all dogs over three months of age are required to be licensed and vaccinated against rabies.

  • If you received a renewal notice after April 1, 2023, there will be a quick code number on your renewal notice. Select Quick Account Setup and enter your quick code number.
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Please keep in mind if you are uploading proof of rabies or sterilization it may take 48 hours before our office is able to verify your documents.


If you have a question or need assistance, please call the CCHHS Animal Services main number at (928) 679-8756.


Coconino County Dog License Fees


$12.00 1 -year Altered Dog                $25.00 1 -year Unaltered Dog

$20.00 2 -year Altered Dog                $40.00 2 -year Unaltered Dog

$30.00 3 -year Altered Dog                $60.00 3 -year Unaltered Dog


$2.00 Dog License Late Fee (up to 1-year delinquent)

$12.00 Dog License Late Fee (more than 1-year delinquent)



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Step 1 - Vaccination status
To purchase a license, the pet must be currently vaccinated to protect it from rabies infection. This must be verifiable with a Certificate of Rabies Vaccination from a registered veterinarian.

Yes or no

Step 2 - Sterilization
Sterilization (spay or neuter) is not required to purchase a license. However, there is a price discount if the pet is sterilized.

Yes or no

Step 3 - Submit
Choose a License type

1) If required, your pet's proof of current rabies vaccination will be reviewed;
2) If required, your pet's proof of sterilization will be reviewed;
3) Your license application will not be processed until payment is made via this website.

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